Sanlorenzo returns as star of the Waterfront Costa Smeralda, the sea view showroom in the marvelous setting of Marina di Porto Cervo

Waterfront Costa Smeralda is much more than a luxury temporary store, it is a truly elegant and charming showroom that comes to life in summer along the characteristic Porto Vecchio quayside and, till the 7th of September, becomes home to world-famous brands, new events and top prestigious atelier, where every space is designed both to amaze and entertain.

For the second year running Sanlorenzo has created its own special space there, designed by the Art Director Piero Lissoni: the Sanlorenzo atelier creates an environment that redefines the concept of elegance through minimalist aesthetics, a brand embassador that embodies the company's haute-couture spirit conceived to offer all boating enthusiasts the opportunity to come face to face with the sophisticated and tailor-made world that is our shipyard.

Discover the Sanlorenzo Americas difference

There is an inherent level of distinction when it comes to being the best at something - especially when it comes to luxury yachtbuilding. It means never taking shortcuts. It means unrivaled attention to detail, always striving to deliver only the highest quality products to our clients. It means truly understanding those clients and being cognizant of how they prefer to enjoy their boats.