Leader in the luxury yachting sector

Sanlorenzo is leading global brand in the luxury yachting specialised in the design, production and sale of made-to-measure yachts and superyachts, fitted out and customised according to the requests and desires of an exclusive clientele.

Sanlorenzo is the only player in the sector operating under a single brand, both in the market for yachts between 24 and 40 metres in length, where it has operated since its establishment in 1958, and in the market for metal superyachts of more than 44 metres.

The uniqueness of the product, the timeless design, the constant innovation in keeping with the Sanlorenzo tradition, always respectful of the Sanlorenzo’s iconic style, the loyalty of customers, the collaborations with world-renowned designers, the communication and strong liaison with art and culture have allowed the Group to establish itself as a leader in the luxury boating market, which recognises the Sanlorenzo brand as the epitome of excellence and exclusivity.

Yacht Division

Composite yachts from 24 to 40 metres in length

Superyacht Division

Superyachts in aluminium and steel from 44 to 73 metres in length

Bluegame Division

Composite sport utility yachts from 13 to 23 metres in length

The business model

The business model is based on the construction of a limited number of yachts per year, taking care of every detail and relying on a supply chain of over 1,500 highly qualified artisan contractors, mostly located in the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea nautical district, with which the Group maintains long-standing relationships.

The production activities are carried out in four sites situated in La Spezia, in Ameglia (SP), on the banks of the river Magra, in Viareggio (LU) and in Massa. The shipyards are strategically located within a 50 kilometres radius, so as to allow significant operational synergies.

The Group employs over 970 people and can rely on a global distribution and service network.

Financial highlights

(In € million and margin in % of net revenues from the sale of new yachts) 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Net revenues from the sale of new yachts 455,9 457,7 585,9 740,7 840,2
EBITDA 66,0 69,2 94,6 129,6 157,5
EBITDA margin 13,2% 15,1% 16,2% 17,5% 18,7%
EBIT 43,1 49,0 72,2 102,7 125,9
EBIT margin 9,5% 10,7% 12,4% 13,9% 15,0%
Group net profit 27,0 34,5 51,0 74,2 92,8
Investments 51,4 30,8 49,2 50,0 44,5
Net financial position(2) -9,1 3,8 39,0 100,3 140,5

(1) If positive, indicating a net cash position

Evolution of net revenues from the sale of new yachts


International presence

The map shows the consolidated net revenues from the sale of new yachts by geographical area in 2023.